Preá x Jeri x Delta x  Atins (Enjoy)

1º day: JEricoacoara - Camocim 

We begin our journey just after the mythical SUNSET DUNE, in Jericoacoara. We will go through the dry mangrove and arrive at the guriú, a totally fLat place where we will do our hydration and an incredible photo session. We will continue our descent through the beautiful tatajuba, a place where the river meets the sea. Our day ends in the quiet town of Camocim, where we will spend the night. Without a doubt, one of the best stretches to Downwind of the whole trip (35km).

2º day: Praia do maceio - Bitupita 

Our second day will start at Praia do Maceió, in Camocim, a fantastic place, still little known. We will descend to Bitupitá (35km), passing by Barra dos Remédios, a dune site and a river encounter with the sea, diffIcult to reach by land, where we will see only small fIshing villages. From Bitupitá, we will drive to Barra Grande, in Piauí, for overnight.

3º day: barra grande - luís correia 

we will continue with our DoWnwind from Barra Grande to Macapá Beach, where we will stay for a few hours. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Brazil, when we talk about kitesurfing. A fantastic mangrove swamp with fLat water, a river mouth with waves at full tide and a shipwreck, this is what awaits us. At the end of the day, we will descend another 12km to another spot in Piauí, Itaqui Beach, where we will end our day.

4º day: pedra do sal - ilha do caju 

we will sail from Pedra do Sal, for about 10km, to the mouth of the Parnaíba River, an incredible peak with Flat and waves in the same place. From this point, we will have A support boat. We continue our sailing to the tip of Caju Island. In this crossing, we pass by one of the rivers of the Parnaíba River, being, in our opinion, the most beautiful place of the whole trip, a fLat river, wild place, where we sometimes see some fIshermen. After a stop for lunch, we go by boat to enjoy the beautiful fLock of the Guarás.

5º day: Ilha do caju - tutóia

We will leave by boat on the eleventh day, from the inn to the Bay of Caju. From there, we will cross the Caju Island and the Melancieira and Tutóia Basins. After 35 km of sailing in an inhospitable environment, we will arrive at Tutóia, in the State of Maranhão, a fantastic place, where we can see the wrecks of a shipwreck.

6º day: tutóia - atins

On the sixth day, we continue with the exit of Tutóia, crossing the entire area of ​​the Small Lençóis, incredible sand dunes, sandbars, where we sail with less than a span of water, being a wild place where we can see many birds, as well as a few FIshermen. We will stop at Caburé for snack and hydration. We will continue down the beach for a few kilometers until entering the Preguiças River, which will take us to Atins. Long day with about 60km from DoWnwind.

7º day: Atins 

The seventh day will be free in Atins, a day to relax and enjoy this paradise. In Atins there is the possibility of getting to know some lagoons in Lençóis Maranhenses, do Downwind to the Rio Negro, see the fLock of Guarás, or simply enjoy Atins (day trips are not included).

8º day: Atins ( Check out )

After breakfast, on our last day, we will return to Barreirinhas by boat, taking a stroll along the Preguiças River, stopping in Mandacarú to visit the lighthouse of Preguiças, from where you will have a spectacular view of the Small Lençóis region. Our next stop is in Vassouras, a small fIshing village, with the same characteristics as the Lençóis Maranhenses, with dunes interspersed with freshwater lagoons formed in the rainy season. There are two native tents in the place, where the nail monkeys usually appear to the delight of the visitors. From Vassouras, the group continues to the city of Barreirinhas, where the transfer will be made to the city of São Luís do Maranhão.


R$5.300,00 (after 05/04/2019)

R$5.600,00 (before 05/04/2019)

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