Cumbuco - Jericoacoara (enjoy)

1º day: CUMBUCO 

Our First day is always special, welcoming guests to the hotel and making a brief meeting. We will then leave for an incredible sailing in Cumbuco, stopping at Cauípe lagoon where we will have a photo session. then, we will descend to the Port of Pecém, where we will return to the hotel and have traveled about 15 km.

2º day: CUMBUCO - Paracuru

after a hearty breakfast in the morning, we will hold our daily meeting with guidance on the route. We will start our downwind after the Port of Pecém, where we will sail THROUGH calm waters for 10km until Taíba Beach, known for excellent waves. We will descend for approximately 5km to the lagoon of Taiba, where we will stop, sail on the Flat and hydrate. After sailing in the lagoon, we return to the sea and descend about 15km to Paracuru, one of the best spots in the Northeast, where, depending on the tide, we can have FLat and waves in the same place.

3º day: Lagoinha  - Mundaú

The third day starts at Praia da Lagoinha. After a rapid descent of 4km, we will stop at the Jegue Lagoon. Then we will descend about 15km to the famous Guajiru peak, where we stop for hydration. We continue our descent to Mundaú, where at the end of the afternoon, we will make an incredible boat trip.

4º day: Baleia - Icaraí de amontada - Moitas 

we will sail from Praia da Baleia, through calm waters, following to Icaraí de Amontada (30km), where we will stop for hydration. Going down a little more, about 10km, we will arrive at Moitas, an incredible FLat where the river meets the sea. Return by car to Icaraí de Amontada, where we will spend the night.

5º day: Icaraí de amontada   - ilha do guajiru

we will descend from Moitas to the Island of Guajiru, about 25KM, a place that breathe kite surfIng. We will sail in FLat of the island until the end of the afternoon, when we will go to sleep in the Beach of Preá.

6º day: Preá - Guriú

On the sixth and Final days, sailors will FINISH WITH A FLORISH. We will do a DoWnwind from Prea beach, one of the beaches with more windy days in the year, and we will descend to the Dune of the Sunset in Jericoacoara, Approximately 15KM. A brief stop for hydration and we will continue our Downwind to the Guriú, about 10KM, fantastic place, totally Flat. At the end of the afternoon, we return to the dune to watch the sunset and we will go to the hostel in Preá. At night, we will go to the village of Jericoacoara, where we will celebrate the end of our trip.


R$3.900,00 (before 05/04/2018)

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